Hot Time With Sonia Vera Swim Wear at Mercedes Benz 2012 Swim Fashion Week.

Sonia Vera’s 2012  swim wear line is aesthetically pleasing, not just with the beautiful cuts of the suits, but with the colors she uses in the line.

From soft pastels…

…to brilliant jewel tones…

…to fabulous grays, Sonia has given us a palette that is very pleasing to the eye.

“I want to build a brand that is as timeless as the beauties that inspire it”, she has said, and it looks as if she has done so.

Sonia Vera’s signature Butterfly Twist bikini.

How awesome is this suit!

Her line of covers have the same allure as the suits do.

This is so sexy!

This is something new for the season that hasn’t been on the runway.

Love this! Simple silhouette in a rich deep green.

The rich deep color palette along with the sexy playful top and bottom makes this a favorite.

Sonia Vera and her models in her 2012 Swim Wear Line

Sonia Vera has a glamorous, playful line that is sure to be the hot buzz of summer 2012. Well done!