Véronique de la Cruz and Aquarella’s Sexy Swim Wear Hit the Mercedes Benz 2012 Swim Fashion Week Runway

There is a charming story about Véronique de la Cruz, who has been creating and mixing bathing suits ever since she was a child. Growing up on the island of Guadeloupe in the French Caribbean, the bathing suit culture made going to the beach very much like going to a party. No one wanted to be seen in the same suit twice. So she and her cousin saved their money to but new suits and mixed and matched so it would seem as if they had many. Very creative and definitely fashion inspired at a young age.

Her island upbringing and love for fashion are what makes her line so charming, yet very sexy.

Her cuts are very sexy, her style is youthful and fun.

The suits look like they should be on the beaches of St Francois or Terre de Haut.

Véronique de la Cruz and Aquarella have brought a fresh hot look that most definitely will be seen at beaches not only up and down the French Caribbean but all the hot fashionable spots of the world. Aquarella definitely sizzles.