The New Wave Of Fashion: Eyebrow Transplants???

Started reading an article about something that was a surprise, although after the last plastic surgery article, not sure why.

Plastic surgeons have been doing hair transplants for years, first introduced as help for burn victims and later, men and women with thinning hair. Well now, if you have thinning EYEBROWS, you too can join the throng rushing to plastic surgeon clinics all around the country.

The procedure involves transplanting hair from the nape of the neck or leg to the brows. This hair has the same texture and growth cycle as the eyebrows, making them blend naturally. The process that takes up to four hours because hundreds of hairs have to be added individually. After looking around on the internet to gather information about this subject, It was found it could take anywhere between 250-800 + “treatments” depending on how sparse the eyebrows.

Fashion News Live can’t verify if Frida Kahlo, on one of her many trips to Paris, experienced  a “Transplant gone bad” or if she is, in fact, ” … not only the Hair Club president… but also a client”

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