ATTN Walmart Shoppers: Snakes on Aisle 1. No, Aisle 3…Wait, Aisle 7

Need to go to Walmart? I would take a snake kit or a pronged stick! Did you know that since 2006 at least five people have been bitten by a variety of snakes, mostly Rattlesnake?

Sounds crazy, but they seem to like the garden section.


Here are a few instances:

Mica Craig continues to recover from rattlesnake bite he received at a Wal-Mart store in eastern Washington state The Lewiston (Idaho) Tribune reports Craig initially thought the object was a stick outside of the lawn and garden department. Then the “stick” bit him on the hand. KATU reports Craig was treated with six bags of anti-venom at a hospital in Lewiston, Idaho. The bite happened in Clarkson, Wash.

 Wal-Mart St. Augustine, Fla., July 2009. Jeriel Joiner  bent down to pick up a baby bottle that had fallen in the lawn and garden section. A baby pygmy rattlesnake latched onto his pointer finger and bit him. The snake was killed by a Wal-Mart employee with a broom. Apparently they are common to the area.

 John Page’s finger in November 2006,bitten by a pygmy rattlesnake. Four months later, his finger was unable to move and is locked in one position due to the venom from the 12-year-old snake. Page’s lawyer claimed to have documented proof of seven snake attacks in Wal-Mart stores going back 20 years. In a statement by the company, Wal-Mart said “it is uncommon when a customer or associate comes across a snake in our garden center.”

Delaine Jarrell, a Jacksonville, Fla. doesn’t seem to think it was uncommon. She was walking through her local Wal-Mart when a snake bit her in June 2006.  The snake wasn’t poisonous, but she still went to the emergency room two days later to insure the bite wasn’t infectious.

September 2009 a man in his mid-30s who was bitten by a copperhead rattlesnake. The incident happened in the lawn and garden section of the Wal-Mart in Goose Creek, S.C. EMTs killed the snake at the store and brought it in the ambulance for later identification. Officials stated only one of the snake’s fangs entered the man. Copperheads are common the Carolina’s, according to the article.

Not sure what is happening. I guess the cast of “Snakes On a Plane” needed jobs also and maybe because Walmart is an equal opportunity employer, they tried to get a little help in the “vermin managing” department and brought a few in?

Post Note to the first story about Mica Craig? Forgot to mention he was looking for mulch for his medical marijuana grow operation. Maybe that is why he thought it was a stick… because we all know Walmart has a HUGH stick department.