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Britney– You Going to be Fashionably Relevant or Hot Mess?

Britney, we are rooting for you.  We want you to get your groove back. We want you to go on and sing your little pop-star heart out and show that you have made your bed, lain in it, and still gotten back up to rise gain.

I think you should start with something very simple like not getting out of bed and going straight to the ice cream shop in whatever clothes/boots were laying around on your floor. (WOMEN OF THE WORLD STOP WITH THE UGGS ALREADY PLEASE!!!! )

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Britney looked oh so chic in this gorgeous outfit by Azzedine Alaia and gray Miu Miu platform peep-toes on a recent outing for her XFactor gig. Very darling, very lady-like even (which is not necessarily ever said in the same sentence with Britney Spears).


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She just looked pulled together and ready to be professional and do her thing. That is not to say she has to be dressed to the nines every time she walks out the door, it’s just that her fans are a little nervous when she starts looking disheveled because….well…we all know how that story plays out.

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