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Style is Ageless

Style is ageless; just ask photographer, Ari Seth Cohen.

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Advanced Style, Cohens book showcases the fashionably, and gracefully, ageless on the city streets of New York City.

This wonderfully stylish lady has 78 years of experience behind her.

This Beautiful Lady is so timeless the her years of experience are also

This Beautiful Lady is so timeless, the her years of experience are also

You know when this Power Woman walks into a room, her 98 years of experience could make anyone of lesser experience immediately roll over on their fashionable little backs and wag their tails.

I am guessing that somewhere in the 91 years of this woman’s experience, she was a showgirl for Flo Zigfield cuz this look is straight out of Zigfield’s Follies.

“They live life to the fullest, age gracefully and continue to grow and challenge themselves.” Cohen told

The love and close friendship Cohen had for his late grandmother, Bluma, a librarian,made him notice a void in representation of style and inspired him to seek out the more, what this writer likes to call ‘experienced’,  representing  areas of fashion campaigns and street style sites.

“I have an affinity for older people,” Cohen said in the latest issue of AARP Bulletin. (This writer is going to put a disclaimer out there right now, I was sitting at an office waiting for an appointment and picked this magazine up. I DID not, I repeat, I DID not pull it out of my mailbox… maybe I did?…..just kidding, LOL…..or was I?…)