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Photoshop Phunnies, Phake outs, and Phreaks

Photoshop is such a wonderful tool. It is something that everyone can enjoy. Jr. high school girls can insert themselves into a Justin Beiber Red Carpet shot and photo editors for websites and magazines can do a hatchet job on their unwitting victims and have it published before they can say,”Dude, Where’s my arm?”

Speaking of, where IS her arm?

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Ann Taylor Ad.

And her leg???

Talbot Ad

Of course celebrities and models are airbrushed to make look better, thinner, and taller…..but shorter?

Poor Khloe, She is much taller than her sibs, but it looks like they made her shorter for a better fit in the ad.

Sears Campaign Ad Photo by Annie Leibovitz

Another job done on one of the Kardashian sister’s is this picture of Kim that shows her waist whittled down to exaggerate her already hour-glass shape figure, and airbrush her legs. We have written about this picture before in our article called:

Thank God for Photoshop, Pass the Make-up!

Thumbs are great, but not when they come out of your arm.

Ann Taylor Loft Ad

Speaking of arm, we know Kristen has another one, but where did it go?

Kristen Stewart

Photo shop can be a great tool to make little defects in a photo work when you need to make a deadline, or an almost perfect shot actually perfect. It just takes a good photo editor to know when to stop changing the essence of the person and also, to leave the poor model both arms and both legs.