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Custody Battle Over Shoes “Clogs” the Court’s Schedule

Daniel Shak, a hedge fundmanager, has sued his wife Beth Shak, a professional poker player, saying she kept 1200 pairs of expensive shoes a secret from him while married and now while going through a divorce, wants his share. He claims his wife kept them in a “secret room” and he was not aware that she had them. He wants her to pay him his share of the money she spent buying the shoes.

Beth told ABC, “How could I possibly hide these things? It would be ludicrous, it would be insane,” said Shak. “I had a beautiful closet where these things were displayed.”

Daniel says she kept him in the dark about her extensive shoe collection, and that it should have been part of their divorce settlement. “I take offense at her statement to other media outlets where she says I am claiming to have no knowledge of her master bathroom closet.”

Why? Because it continues to make you sound stupid that you did not know she had that many shoes? (I have quite a collection myself, nowhere near her count of course, but I guarantee you, everyone in my house knows maybe not the exact number of shoes, but certainly that I have quite a number of them. How much more so should that husband have known?)

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Although clothing typically is not considered an asset, having 1,200 pairs of expensive shoes may be more debatable.

Her husband is estimating her collection to be worth $1 million and told ABC News, he believes he deserves at least 35 percent of that.

Beth told ABC she’s surprised her ex-husband is alleging he was unaware of her lavish collection as she claims she never could have afforded the shoes on her own.

My questions:

1.  How does one have a “secret room” in a house? ( I would like the blueprints for her secret room please)

2. How does a husband not notice when a wife can wear a new pair of shoe every day for the next 3 years?

3. What size is she? I would be happy to take some off of her hands.

Divorce can be ugly for the most part because it is an emotional, heated “splitting of the sheets” (I have never heard of it being referred to as a “splitting of the shoes”)

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If I were her, I would just give him 35% of the shoes, the ones I was sick of already. But, how would you get sick of a pair of shoes when technically you would only be seeing them in the rotation every other year or so? Dilemma!!