Rose By Vanessa

All in the family, literally. Vanessa Simmons has set a new fashionable trendsetting way for all women to feel comfort. With her sexy lingerie line, Rose By Vanessa.

Vanessa’s plan is “to provide women with a fashion forward brand that understands the need of every women to feel comfort with trendsetting style and glamour” says Vanessa. I agree, lets design something for everyone. (All Sizes Are Welcome). I am also inspired by the three lines that are within the collection, “Naughty Lil’ Princess”, “Rock Your Sexy”, and “Vintage Chic”. It looks like we will be expecting lots of rhinestone’s, lace, and frills from Nessa! From whipping up “Pastry’s”  with sister Angela Simmons,these ladies are no stranger to the biz. Keep up the great work Simmons Sisters! We are happy, proud, inspired, and excited to see more!


Photo Credits: Greenobes