“Good Girls Go to Heaven Bad Girls Go Everywhere” Legend Helen Gurley Brown-Dead at 90

Helen Gurley Brown, a staple in the fashion industry and pioneer of how modern women’s magazines are structured, died at the age of 90 at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia.

Editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine from 1965-1997, she reincarnated the magazine from a standard, housewifey type woman’s magazine to the revolutionary, sexual playful, publication it came to be known for.

“Helen Gurley Brown was an icon. Her formula for honest and straightforward advice about relationships, career and beauty revolutionized the magazine industry,” said Frank A. Bennack, Jr., CEO of Hearst [[Corporation]]. “She lived every day of her life to the fullest and will always be remembered as the quintessential ‘Cosmo girl.’ She will be greatly missed.”

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Author of “Sex and the Single Girl”, published in 1962, Gurley was revolutionary in presenting an honest view of a single girl’s love life.

“The book encouraged young women to enjoy being single, find fulfillment in work and non-marital relationships with men, and take pleasure in sex.” Gurley said. She gave her husband, David Brown a producer, credit for encouraging her to pen the book.

She certainly blazed trails for women and the women’s movement in her career and made it possible for the “Carrie Bradshaws” of this world to tell their tales of “Sex in the City”

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