Kim Kardashian & V Magazine

Has Kim Kardashian made a change in her wardrobe to you?

It looks as if Kim has been living young, wild, and free since dating rapper and boyfriend Kanye West. Her style has evolved in many ways and I think I like it even more. Go Kim!!! Many are raising questions asking if this is who Kim Kardashian really is. Meaning, prior to the hot duo, Kim was laid back, professional, and more reserved. Now she is living life, the ‘GOOD’ life that is.

For V Magazine and their upcoming issue, they decided to  show us what she got. Fashionably edgy and down to earth all at the same time while taking some dramatic shoots in all black and white photos. This really leaves us wanting to know what’s next? There has to be more? Maybe just a teaser for what Kim K. has in store. We never know how either her and Kanye will step out but there is one thing for sure, it is certainly done in style.




Photo Credits: Global Grind