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PhotoShop Strikes Again!!

Madonna was the latest victim of the photoshop pandemic that is sweeping the world.

A perfectly good picture of the way Madonna really looks was struck with the virus and made into a blue eyed porcelained skinned woman of ambiguous age. Yes, the before picture may have shown her face to have wrinkles and user wear that Madonna has certainly earned, but that is Madonna in all of her 53 year old glory!

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We should really be calling for the use of tax dollars to study why this absolutely controllable disease is still in existence  and has not been eradicated like other controllable virus’ have been in the past.

It is a shame when women like Madonna and others of a certain generation become victims of the photoshop bug, or in Latin–“Adobefication  Make-em Lookybetter Bacterium”. It seems such an easy thing to control in this day and age.

Maybe if we start a letter writing campaign to our representatives, we can have this horrible thing stamped out and put to pasture as some of its victims deserve to be.

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