Selfridges and Co.The Beauty Workshop

In London at the Oxford Street flagship, Selfridges & Co. will reveal their newest beauty endeavor with its service providing space… AKA “The Beauty Workshop”. 

It is here that the customers are motivated to shop and experience the company’s product in store.  The store revolves around many choices and experiencing these choices with a handpicked staff from Selfrdiges who are trained in various products and services.

“If every woman emptied her makeup bag on the table, there would be a variety of products — there is no brand loyalty,” said Jayne Demuro, Selfridges’ head of beauty

Opening at 5,000 Square Feet, the store provides a dream like atmosphere … containing many top brand products as well as alternatives.  With addition to these classics the flagship will contain 50 new brands that are ranging in label, from organic natural products, to top cosmetic appeal.

Photo Credit: beautyandthedirt

“The customer experience will be equal — but different. And, ideally, the customer will have a seamless experience moving from one space to the other,” Demuro

The store will contain many house treatment rooms and various spaces with a single (and first) St. Tropez Skin Finishing Studio.  The idea behind this new area is to give the customer the same treatment as the models behind the stages at any major fashion runway.
The space was designed by Uxus, a famous Dutch architecture Firm well known for their modern appeal.  The layout was created in a way that the store can be rearranged for events and or pop up nights.

“The flexibility is there to accommodate an element of change — particularly with color cosmetics,” she said. “Currently, in the beauty hall, there is no opportunity to change” the layout or the shops themselves.