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It’s Not “The End of Glory” It’s “Americano” Culture

I don’t get it. Lady Gaga is taking to the social medias to let everyone know that she has been hurt by the mean comments about her weight gain, that she has had an eating disorder for years and now she is going to let it be known that people are bitches for being so mean and fake and wah wah wah…

Wait a minute,wasn’t it just a couple months ago that she did Vogue and was so heavily photo shopped, she looked like a perfect porcelain doll with a 20 inch waist? We didn’t hear her complain about how fake things were then did we? No, in fact she happily tweeted about the results and showed off the work even before she actually was supposed to and  blithley tweets to her millions of followers, “SHH DONT TELL TWITTER/ SEPT ISSUE OF VOGUE MAGAZINE,” Gaga wrote alongside the cover image, adding: “Sorry Anna [Wintour] but the underground kids deserve it.

Lady Gaga Goes Vogue

Lady Gaga Goes PhotoShop

She is obviously confident enough about her body that she has worn some (non) outfits that had barely enough fibers to it to call it cloth, my bran cereal this morning had more fiber in it than this number. This actually looks like she was cutting out newsprint to make a ransom note and decided to roll in it:

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And how disturbed over her body is she here?

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 We love you Gaga, but stop… You ate, you enjoyed,you snacked and you ate again. So what? Just live with it like we all have when we gained some weight. I am sure you had more fun not worrying about what you ate than counting every calorie. IF you truly want a body revolution, you must just put your “Poker Face” on. Stop acting like you weren’t “Born This Way”. Grab the “Telephone” and call “Alejandro”. Tell him to pick up the “Boys, Boys, Boys” and grab some “Bloody Mary” mix cuz it’s time to “Just Dance” and forget all the
“Scheiße” because in the end, it is about talent and not how small or big your body is.