spike purse

Current Obsession: The Spike Effect

What is it about the spike trend that gets me? It might be that you can add them to any article of clothing and dazzle it up or the fact that it gives a boring outfit an edge. So what have I gathered from the recent trend? Let’s find out!

It all started with the spike purse. I had to have it in my possession. A bright color selection of orange instead of my usual black came with gold spikes to complete daily outfit choices.

Then came a deep blush pink to add to my color spectrum of chiffon shirts. The detail this time came in the collar with gold filed down spikes. I went back to my black roots and opted for the black loafers with spike detailing. Adding to my collection of spikes were a couple of gold spike bracelets and finally some more flats to keep it casual yet trendy.




Sure this is just another trend that will likely be long gone. With minimal detailing here and there you can’t go wrong even when it starts to fade away. So what are your spiked must haves?

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