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Chanel Spring/ Summer 2013 Collection presented during Paris Fashion Week

Designer Karl Lagerfeld showcased 80 luxurious womenswear looks for the Chanel runway.

The setting for the extravagant runway show was a windmill farm with solar panels. As usual Lagerfeld has created a Fashion Universe, with references to our times, regarding style, technology and the natural environment. The Chanel collection was both feminine and futuristic. Additionally the modern youth culture played a part in the line, without loosing the timeless Chanel suits and pearl accessories. Leather finger-less gloves and uber chic frames were prominent accessories styled on the models.

Each look featured an A-line skirt (or dress) or a short-sleeved jacket. Looks either incorporated the ever-classic black and white colors or outstanding graphic features. Volume was apparent through jackets, bottoms and skirts presented. Brightly colored fabric flowers were embellished on various (sheer and black) looks. Denim was an unexpected, and delightful fabric observed in a couple show pieces.

Standout collection shades from the ready-to-wear runway included: pink flambé, rhapsody purple, cobalt blue and pastels.

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