Do You Stack?

Bracelet overload, arm party, arm candy, what are all these people thinking? Do you love it or is it too much?

I won’t be complaining  here. I can’t have enough of the bracelet stacking craze. Personally I wasn’t much of a jewelry wearer until some friends of mine started making their own jewelry and giving it to me. Their DIY bracelets really made me start going crazy for bracelet overload on my wrist! Then I realized, it’s not just me who’s  into it, it’s my best friends as well.

With my helpful friends Crystal and Franz who are DIY jewelry queens in my book and my sudden new obsession for stacking, I’m gathered some of my favorite bracelets to show how too much can be just enough. Of course, I keep it limited to one arm and maybe five at the most. The matching and careful selection of each one I decide to wear is important. Minimal accessorizing everywhere else is also something to take in consideration as you don’t want to be seen as trying to hard.


I can’t stop constantly looking at more bracelets everywhere I go, not to mention I’ve just had a new fascination with Marc Jacobs jewlery. I’m thinking this will be a continued fashion must-do for me!