Donatella and Gaga: BFF or Doppelgänger?

So there are photos that Lady Gaga, Terry Richardson, and Donatella Versace tweeted that showed Gaga’s left breast complete with the cherry on top. So what? I am sure that the amount of people it takes to populate a small third world country have seen Lady Gaga’s naughty bits.

Donatella and Lady Gaga in a bathroom at Paris Fashion Week
Image by Terry Richardson,

She used to be a stripper, remember?

What I find EXTREMELY disturbing, and I never noticed until these pictures were taken, is how much Gaga and Donatella look alike!!!!

Maybe it’s just the heavily-lined eyes and the long platinum horse-hair like pieces they both wear (please tell me they are hair pieces???!) I really think in 30 years, when she is as old as Donatella is now, she will be the spitting image. Does Donatella have something she wants to reveal to the world, hmmmm?? Maybe a possible Lifetime Movie in the works called “Birthing Gaga?”