Eros from Versace

It has been over five years since we have seen a men’s fragrance from Versace, and they are coming back with style!

Heavily inspired and developed around the idea of Greek Mythology, a new sexual pull has been created from the Greek use of the Eros.  Eros was the Greek God of love and the son of Aphrodite.  Gianni Versace who grew up loving the Greek history and mythology throughout his life in southern Italy.

“For me the fragrance is very iconic, it’s really the DNA of Versace,” added Donatella Versace. “We have the Greek motif that makes you think of ancient Greece and antiquity, mythology, and the color turquoise represents the Mediterranean. It’s very Versace.”

To advertise this new campaign, the power of the gods is symbolized through thunder and lightning bolts against armored warriors with weapons shooting through the fragrance.  This is most certainly a new take on the once cute and beloved cupid figure previously known.

“For the model, I wanted a gladiator who fights for what he wants, who fights to attain his goals,” Donatella Versace said of Brian Shimansky, produced by Mert & Marcus “This is a fragrance for man who is a master of himself. He is a hero: someone who defends his ideas and opinions.”

The fragrance was designed by Aurelien Guichard (from Givaudan) and is said to have a woodsy oriental flair with strong mint oil notes.  The fragrance will be released later in this month during the Tax Free World Exhibition in Cannes, France and will hit stores in Italy in November.  The product will be available internationally beginning in Spring 2013.

Photo Credit: ftape