Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake’s New Music Video Too Hot for YouTube?

Justin Timberlake released the music video for his song “Tunnel Vision” and let’s just say the video is even hotter than Timberlake’s smooth vocals. The video includes snippets of Timberlake dancing, Timbaland’s adlib, and multiple women in their birthday suit. The sexy video was briefly removed from YouTube for violating the site’s “policy on explicit content.” The video was allowed back onto the site but now requires viewers to sign into their accounts and verify their age. A YouTube spokesperson claims the site does not allow nudity unless the video includes “educational, documentary, or artistic context.” Well, I don’t know if Timberlake’s 7-minute-long video of nude women is necessarily artistic but the song sure is catchy.

Justin Timberlake Tunnel Vision


Tunnel Vision

Photos by: ryanseacrest.com, newswhip.com